Wild About Bears

Wild About BearsWild About Bears
By Jeannie Brett
Illustrated by Jeannie Brett
Published by Charlesbridge Publishing
Ages 6-9

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-58089-418-0
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-58089-419-7
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Discover shared traits and behaviors as well as unique characteristics of the polar bear, brown bear, North American black bear, spectacled bear, Asiatic black bear, sloth bear, sun bear, and giant panda. Readers will marvel at the adaptations each has developed to survive in a challenging world.

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Wild About Bears Illustration © Jeannie Brett

Wild About Bears Illustration © Jeannie Brett

Reviews & Acknowledgements
“With its clear text and illustrations, this introduction is just the ticket for younger elementary readers.” —Kirkus Reviews

“After initial introductory paragraphs, Brett scatters brief, captionlike sentences throughout her warm, naturalistic watercolor scenes…A solid introduction to bears, their habits, and the challenges they face.”  —Publishers Weekly