Decorated Horses

9781580893626_p0_v1_s600Decorated Horses
By Dorothy Hinshaw Patent
Illustrated by Jeannie Brett
Published by Charlesbridge Publishing
Ages 8-12

Hardcover ISBN: 9781580893626
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This nonfiction picture book about horses has a fresh focus: how people over the ages have decorated horses in special ways. Organized into three categories—warfare and hunting, performance and competition, performance, and ceremony—the book introduces horses such as the chariot-pulling war horse of the Persians to the rose-decorated winner of the Kentucky Derby.

Illustration © Jeannie Brett

Illustration © Jeannie Brett

Acknowledgements & Reviews

“This colorfully illustrated volume notes that humans domesticated horses more than 9,000 years ago and discusses how various cultures have equipped and decorated horses for different purposes…Illustrating the informative text are full-page watercolor paintings enhanced with gouache, pastel, and colored pencil. A satisfying choice for kids who love horses, this well-researched book will carry them beyond their immediate interest and into the broader sphere of world history.” —Booklist

“Horses are fascinating animals and they have been a driving force in the establishment of human civilization. Although this book has as its theme “decorated horses” (such as horses wearing tribal paint or costumes), it actually provides a quick historical look at the ways in which man has used horses through the ages.” —Children’s Literature

“This informational picture book provides a fascinating history of how humans have trained, interacted with, and decorated horses. …The watercolor illustrations focus on the horses, while the depictions of people and background activities are less detailed. Labeled pictures of the animal’s anatomy and tack are a good resource for those less familiar with the subject. VERDICT An interesting, though brief overview of horses of possible use for social studies or history lessons.” —School Library Journal